Preparatory School Rules and Regulations

School Objectives
During the academic year the students will participate in an intensive language course, the purpose of which is to achieve their linguistic goals, gain confidence in spoken and written English, facilitate fluent and effective communication and as a result enable them to study in English in the Orchidea Secondary School.

Classroom Atmosphere
It is essential that the atmosphere within the groups and the whole school is one of friendliness, understanding and respect. Everyone should feel responsible for the school and its community, supporting others in their work and study.
Students are expected to actively participate in pair-work and group-work activities, complete classwork and homework assignments on time.
It is important for students to communicate in English, taking part in debates and discussions. When you are given class time to complete tasks, please focus on them and do not disturb other students who are working.
Disruptive, rude behavior or using mobile devices in class will be considered impolite and the student may be asked to leave the classroom and may face disciplinary sanctions.

It is the students' responsibility to attend all classes and inform their teachers when an absence occurs. Students must also make up for missed daily work and homework assignments if they are absent from class.
If a student is absent for 3 days (21 academic hours) a warning letter will be issued by the main course teacher.
The second warning letter is given when the number of absent hours is over 5 days (35 academic hours).
If a student is absent for 7 days (49 academic hours) or more per trimester, he or she will not be able to continue the PREP SCHOOL of ORCHIDEA.
Absence due to visa or residency card matters are not excused and students should consider the 49 hour limit to be used for dealing with such issues. Only sick leave stating serious health problems will be accepted. Students who have 95% attendance within a trimester will be awarded.

Students should arrive in class before a lesson begins. In case of absence due to emergency a written excuse must be given by a doctor or the parent (by parent/guardian max. number is one per month). After 5 minutes of tardiness students will be marked as absent. Coming late to lessons three times equals one hour of absence.

Participation and materials
Students are obliged to actively take part in lessons, follow the instructions of their teachers, prepare homework and revise the material covered during classes. Every teacher has the right to organize regular tests and pop-up quizzes. Active participation will be rewarded.
Students must bring the necessary materials to class and are not allowed to photocopy books required for the course. Students who do not bring their materials for the first time, receive a warning from their teacher. If this happens for the second time the student will be asked to leave the classroom and will be marked absent.
Students are not allowed to use electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) during the class.

Students mustn't:
Endanger the safety and well-being of others
Disrupt the functioning of the school
Damage school property

Language of communication
The language of instruction and communication in our school is English. Students are encouraged to use English during breaks and also outside the classroom.

All important announcements will appear on the school website and the notice boards in the corridor and classrooms. Students are expected to keep themselves updated on the information which will be announced.

Academic honesty
Cheating is considered to be a serious offence. Students who are caught cheating will receive a failing (0%) grade for the test or assignment.
Academic dishonesty includes cheating on tests, plagiarism and collusion. Cheating includes copying from another student's test or paper, using materials not authorized, collaborating with another student during a test. Collusion is the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written assignments.

Grading policy and exams
If a student fails a test or a quiz or s/he was absent, they must write a retake test within one week from the date of the return of the student back to school, during the teacher's' office hour or lesson. If a student does not write the test in this time, he or she loses the chance of a retake and fails from that particular test.
During the academic year students are tested regularly and the results are presented as a percentage. These results are later announced in the final trimester grades.

A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89.9%
C = 70% - 79.9%
D = 60% - 69.9%

At the end of each month, there will be an Achievement Test.
And every trimester ends with a Quarter Test.
Students are only allowed to take the Quarter Test if they have a passing grade (minimum 60%) from each subject they have been taught.
Test results are presented as a percentage. To be successful in a Quarter Test, a student must receive minimum 60%.
At the end of the year, there will be Final B1 Test. The details are below.

Orchidea International Bilingual School Enrolment Requirements
The standard rule for admission to Orchidea International Bilingual School is a minimum result of 550 points from the Toeic exam or a 60% score from the PREP School of Orchidea Final B1 Exam.
However, if a student completes another 200 hours of summer courses in August and September with at least a 80% attendance, they will be conditionally accepted to Orchidea International Bilingual School with 450 points from the Toeic exam or 50% from the PREP School of Orchidea Final B1 Exam.

In case of failure from the PREP School of Orchidea Final B1 Exam, students will repeat the PREP School for one more year.