Our students got 3 bronze medals at INFOMATRIX

540 brilliant students from 45 countries brought forward their amazing projects, which were competed in  5 categories: Programming,Computer Art, Robotics, Hardware Control and Short Movie

Sang Jing Jing (桑梓茗) Computer Art
Fang Xiaoyu (房宇)  Computer Art
Arsunkaev Juszuf (Yusuf Arsunkaev)  Robotics

Infomatrix  is an International Informatics Project Competition organised by Lumina Educational Institutions and The Ministry of National Education. Its purpose is to encourage young people to use their knowledge, creativity  and passion and come up with technology innovations that can improve our lives and make a difference in the world today. Infomatrix is also an excellent opportunity to promote intercultural communication and collaboration between very creative students and teachers from so many different countries who have the passion for technology in common.


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