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The biggest asset of our school is the education we offer. We follow the Hungarian National Curriculum with lessons being conducted in the English language. The curriculum features a hands-on approach to science classes while providing a solid education in humanities and social studies. Throughout our education we focus on the development of the child with holistic perspectives placing a strong emphasis on social values like respect, courtesy, and discipline.
In the Primary School the maximum class sizes are 20 . The average Secondary class size is currently 13. In practice the actual number in any subject class is less than this as students are in different groups for different subjects. 
Transition from grade 4 to grade 5 has a lot of difficulties in many schools because there are new teachers, new subjects that the children have to get used to. Luckily in our school many of the teachers of the higher grades teach also in the lower grades. The pupils learn the basic vocabulary which they need in the higher grades. That way there is a smooth transition.
By providing your child with a bilingual education you will be:

Ensuring they develop language skills at a critical age
Improving their ability to learn further languages in life
Extending their ability to see the world from multiple perspectives and so be better placed for future challenges.
The opportunities that my children have experienced as a result of growing up bilingual are many. At secondary school they were able to learn new languages easily, which in turn helped them to understand the complexities of the English language better.

They are able to build on this capacity which puts them in a good position for university application. The fact that they speak a second language fluently gives them the edge over single language applicants.

In terms of employment and work experience, they have had the choice and the opportunity of working in Spain and Latin America as well as in their home country.

However the best part of being bilingual is the ability to dip in into two very different cultures. This has enriched and moulded the children into well rounded global citizens.

Bilingualism attaches one to the wider world and provides the children with a range of knowledge and skills which may play a vital role in responding to the future challenges of globalisation.

A bilingual school is a wonderful initiative as it will give children the benefits of bilingualism: communication in two or more languages, two or more cultures, the undoubted cognitive benefits of bilingualism, enhanced self-esteem for speaking more than one language, biliteracy and the many employment advantages.


Yes. Orchidea International School is accredited by The National Ministry of Education and OIS prepares the students for Hungarian bilingual final state examinations. 
Being in contact with the parents is essential part of our education. Parents should feel they are partners with the teachers because the two parties together are able to teach and educate the child. We need consensus to have similar ideas, treatment, and requirements at home and at school. When we have this consensus there is no misbehavior. Every parent wants the best for his child but sometimes he do not know how to start. Teachers can help with it by giving advice. 
Not at all. The secondary school entrance examination has two parts: Hungarian Language and Literature and Mathematics. Hungarian Language and Literature is taught in Hungarian and Mathematics is taught in both languages in our school.
Talented children get personal treatment or they learn in small groups. We help them with preparing to nationwide and international competitions. 
Yes. Students in our school have a wide range of clubs to choose from all subjects taught at school, e.g. Dance Club, Kung Fu Club, Swimming Club, International project Club, School Paper Club, Digital Photography Club. 
Yes! We have a lot of experience teaching children English. It is not possible to say how long it takes before a student is proficient in English as it can be anything from a few weeks to many months. 
As English is, apart from Hungarian, a major language of communication, we attach great importance to teaching it as the first language. We also offer German, French, Hungarian and Turkish as second languages. 
No; children may start classes as soon as a place in the class has been offered. 
There is no school uniform at Orchidea. Students are expected to dress appropriately. (DRESS EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS