The Orchidea is a private school and it follows the Hungarian National Curriculum and assessment system.

Bilingual teaching from the early years helps the students with international view and they become open minded to interculturalism. Besides teaching English  from grade 1 the international atmosphere gives an excellent opportunity for students acquiring English language confidence because the language of communication is English among the students and teachers with different natonalities. (Why bilingual?)

Later, from grade 5, students learn most of the subjects in English with the help of our skilled teachers. After the lessons students have the opportunities to participate in clubs which fit to their interests.
Helping talented children is important in our school. Our students attend nationwide and international competitions with great achievements every year. Not only we participate in nationwide competitions, but we also organise them. One of the nationwide competitions that we organize is The Pangea Mathematics Competition, which is more and more popular in Hungary.

Due to its central location, our school is easily accessable by public transportation or by car.